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Testo Playboy $hort – Too Short

Testo della canzone Playboy $hort di Too Short Album: without a doubt I’m comin’ back and if you don’t know call me S. I. R. T. double O I like to say these rhymes, I do it all the time I make my own damn beat now all the money is mine I carry big fat WIVES, I… Leggi »

Testo Oakland – Too Short

Testo della canzone Oakland di Too Short Album: Oakland (Oh-oh-oh-Oakland) Oaktown (Oh-oh-oh-Oaktown) Oakland (Oakland, Oakland) Get on down (Oh-oh-Oaktown) Straight from the West, Oakland is the best Baby it’s so fresh (Oakland) It’s called the Big Bad O, city of players on the go You gotta have Trues and Vogues (Oakland) Baby, that’s my town, when all the… Leggi »

Testo Playboy Short – Too Short

Testo della canzone Playboy Short di Too Short Album: Aight, biiiiitch! Funky motherfucking fresh Some of that ’93 old school shit, hoe Well I’m Too $hort baby, hear what I say I never do work but I always play Cause the game is life and I play the game So you never talk down on a player’s name… Leggi »

Testo Get That Cheese – Too Short

Testo della canzone Get That Cheese di Too Short Album: feat. Greedy Mac ( Roger Troutman, Jr.) [Too $hort] It’s payday! [$ Roger] Get, that, cheese! [Roger Jr.] {*vocoder sounds*} We gotta [$ Roger] Get, that, cheese! [Roger Jr.] {*vocoder sounds*} We gotta [$ Roger] Get, that, cheese! [Roger Jr.] {*vocoder sounds*} Just [$ Roger] Get, that, cheese!… Leggi »

Testo Longevity – Too Short

Testo della canzone Longevity di Too Short Album: Can’t Stay Away featuring KB Scarface Ah yeah Scarface Short Dog Yeah Longevity Fake niggas… {Scarface:} And you can tell em I said it I said muthafuckas is takin the credit Been in the game for 20 minutes and they thinkin they legends All on their videos showin off frontin… Leggi »

Testo You Nasty – Too Short

Testo della canzone You Nasty di Too Short Album: Beeyotch!! You nasty, you nasty bitch Thats what I said bitch (you nasty) I said you nasty (you nasty) Fuck that shit, fuck you hoes (you nasty) Fuck all y’all, man Verse 1: I used to get straight A’s, read my books in Catholic school, Now I find myself… Leggi »

Testo Cant Stop – Too Short

Testo della canzone Cant Stop di Too Short Album: [8B] Space, Age-in baby [TS] Right right right right [8B] One time [TS] Beyotch! [8B] Yeah, you know how they like it baby, nigga you can’t retire! Verse One: Too $hort, Eightball From nineteen-eighty, through eighty-eight I Don’t Stop Rappin like my first tapes When I was broke, I… Leggi »

Testo Top Down – Too Short

Testo della canzone Top Down di Too Short Album: Too Short: How freaky can you get to a long fat dick Hella freaky like i said to a song that hit I’m the dirty rapper Too Short, the triple X Run up in the pussy, rub the nipple next Bitch, which is worse? My bark or my bite… Leggi »

Testo Oakland Style – Too Short

Testo della canzone Oakland Style di Too Short Album: Yeah! That’s how we do it in Oaktown, baby… $hort Dog’s on the microphone… Straight from the East Side… I’m a player, bitch, Oakland style They call me playboy $hort, I know it’s been a while Since dangerous crew took the time to say hello Mothafuckas makin’ money in… Leggi »

Testo Blow Job Betty – Too Short

Testo della canzone Blow Job Betty di Too Short Album: [Too $hort] Right about now in the place to be Too Short baby Gettin real funky with the motherfuckin dangerous crew bitch Too Short baby, I’m so hard Pimpin these hos on the boulevard But I’m not here to tell you about me I got a little story… Leggi »