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Testo Goog For You – TOTO

Testo della canzone Goog For You dei TOTO Album: Miscellaneous If you’re dreaming, son don’t you rise, I never get lost, so deep into eyes I won’t give up until you give in, But I know you must realize [Chorus:] I could be good for you, you could be good for me too I could be good for… Leggi »

Testo 99 – Toto

Testo della canzone 99 dei Toto Album: 99 I’ve been waiting so long Oh, 99 Where did we go wrong Oh, 99 I love you 99 I keep breaking your heart Oh, 99 How can we be apart Oh, 99 I love you I never thought it would happen I feel quite the same I don’t want to… Leggi »

Testo Mindfields – TOTO

Testo della canzone Mindfields dei TOTO Album: Miscellaneous There’s a rumour of a midnight man So silent in disguise And every time he looks your way You can see it in his eyes Like a window to the storm He just invades your paradise Don’t you buy what he is selling It’s just lies When he says: These… Leggi »

Testo High Price Of Hate – TOTO

Testo della canzone High Price Of Hate dei TOTO Album: Miscellaneous You got the eyes of a vulture As you gaze from your meaningless throne And the pain that you’ve been selling I’d rather die before I own I’ll call you a doctor Or find you a priest ‘Cause no one can save you And you won’t get… Leggi »

Testo Without Your Love – Toto

Testo della canzone Without Your Love dei Toto Album: Fahrenheit It’s late at night, nothin’s feelin’ right Since you’ve gone away I think I know why you left this time, But it’s still hard to say I nearly lost it, when he came around you Now I’m holdin’ it all inside and it’s killin’ me We used to… Leggi »

Testo Mama – Toto

Testo della canzone Mama dei Toto Album: Hydra David Paich/Bobby Kimball) Mama I don’t love you anymore Money’s Got me crawlin’ on the floor Lover I’m so ashamed that I must go Funny Somehow I thought by now you’d know CHORUS Girl you’d better take my hand And say what you mean to say (And she said) Stay… Leggi »

Testo Somewhere Tonight – Toto

Testo della canzone Somewhere Tonight dei Toto Album: Fahrenheit When you meet a special person and it feels good passing time you tell yourself it’s casual but they have something else in mind you try to make some reason a voice calls out from across the room but she runs away without an answer she runs away too… Leggi »

Testo Could This Be Love – Toto

Testo della canzone Could This Be Love dei Toto Album: Fahrenheit There was a young girl Ridin’ on the wind She had all of the answers Didn’t need to pretend I remember – she was the only friend I ever needed Now I wonder How to work it all out My hands are tremblin’ I’ve got this feelin’… Leggi »

Testo I Will Remember – Toto

Testo della canzone I Will Remember dei Toto Album: Tambu I was born in the land of the sun and the tall green grass, and I don’t understand how all this has come to pass; hwo we’ve come to surround ourselves in a sea of thieves, ina a land without learning only the fools believe. I went driving… Leggi »

Testo How Does It Feel – Toto

Testo della canzone How Does It Feel dei Toto Album: Isolation Morning’s here I feel so far away It seems like I felt this before All alone Sun burns my skin I can’t live with pain anymore And with you on my mind Thinking of all that we’ve said Were they just words We’ll live to regret Why… Leggi »