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Testo Little Wing – TOTO

Testo della canzone Little Wing dei TOTO Album: Miscellaneous Well she’s walking through the clouds With a circus mind that’s running round Butterflies and zebras And moonbeams and fairy tales That’s all she ever thinks about Riding with the wind When I’m sad, she comes to me With a thousand smiles, she gives to me free It’s alright… Leggi »

Testo Pamela – Toto

Testo della canzone Pamela dei Toto Album: Past To Present 1977 – 1990 Side by side I’ll be yours forever Yes I will Rain or shine Any kind of weather Any kind There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you Let’s take what’s getting old and make it new Eye to eye It’s a blinding confrontation I said… Leggi »

Testo Goin Home – Toto

Testo della canzone Goin Home dei Toto Album: Midnight on a southern highway Don’t know if I’m going the right way I haven’t seen a single sign for miles All this stormy weather Keeping us from being together How long has it been since I’ve seen your smile In this tunnel called the night I can finally see… Leggi »

Testo Gypsy Train – Toto

Testo della canzone Gypsy Train dei Toto Album: Kingdom Of Desire Downtown Jimmy, say you’re feelin’ kinda blue It’s no problem, this is whatcha gotta do Telephone your baby, tell her that you’re workin’ late Come and pay a visit, please don’t hesitate Come join the party, come along and be our guest Sit back and let us… Leggi »