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Testo Mutilated Lips – Ween

Testo della canzone Mutilated Lips dei Ween Album: The Mollusk I lick my brain in silence Rather squeeze my head instead Midget man provoking violence Listen not to what I said I said please calm it down Everything is turning brown CHORUS Mutilated lips give a kiss on the wrist Of the worm like tips of tentacles expanding… Leggi »

Testo The Golden Eel – Ween

Testo della canzone The Golden Eel dei Ween Album: The Mollusk Sitting alone in the den Watching the eel Help me find my way home Watching the eel Burrows it’s head in the sand Daylight has come There shall be rest in a while Daylight has come I can not repeal The words of the golden eel Who… Leggi »

Testo Nicole – Ween

Testo della canzone Nicole dei Ween Album: Miscellaneous nicole i love you i’ll never leave you w o you i turn to stone nicole believe me love was meant to be consumed by you and me nicole nicole i love you i’m thinkin’ of you w every motion i make when the stars are above you know that… Leggi »

Testo I Play It Off Legit – Ween

Testo della canzone I Play It Off Legit dei Ween Album: Miscellaneous talkin’ to some joe hangin’ out shootin’ shit tries to tell me somethin’ i play it off legit so pleasant when the sails of the seas of orion gently slip no need for god’s sorrow i play it off legit dude’s hounding this bitch i’m checkin’… Leggi »

Testo Never Squeal – Ween

Testo della canzone Never Squeal dei Ween Album: Miscellaneous never squeal on th’ pusher don’t lie to your mama just do whatcha wanna it’ll be ok don’t swin int he water don’t fly inna daytime just do whatcha wanna it’ll be ok never smuggle no candy can’t be whatcha wanna when you haffa go down to the darkest… Leggi »

Testo Mourning Glory – Ween

Testo della canzone Mourning Glory dei Ween Album: Miscellaneous unintelligible- cough, cough I swear to god! Look! This is something new you’ve never heard before this. You better take a good look at your mind, fucker. I know what you want to come here for You better take a good look at your mind, fucker. These three little,… Leggi »