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Testo The Time Is Right For Love – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone The Time Is Right For Love dei Whitesnake Album: Miscellaneous When I saw you in the Garden Sweet lilac in your hair, The sunlight seemed to surround you And bless the morning air. I wondered what your name was And if you would dance with me, I heard you cry for mercy But, my eyes… Leggi »

Testo Shake My Tree – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Shake My Tree dei Whitesnake Album: You talk too much, Never saying what’s on your mind, It’s written on your face, An’ in the words you hide behind I know what you want, I can see what you’re looking for, I know what you want from me, An’ I’m gonna give you more I’m gonna… Leggi »

Testo Kittens Got Claws – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Kittens Got Claws dei Whitesnake Album: Walking down the street You’re the center of my universe. You got the world in your pocket, My manhood in your purse. You ain’t a bad girl, honey, No matter what the neighbours say, It’s just that you were those skin-tight dresses With your G-string tuned to A .… Leggi »

Testo Take Me Back Again – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Take Me Back Again dei Whitesnake Album: Now I smoke a lot of cigarettes, And I’ve been drinking too much wine You’ve been patient and understanding, I guess I went to far this time I cut you with my drunken words, So much sharper than a knife, But, you turned the tables on me, baby,… Leggi »

Testo Your Precious Love – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Your Precious Love dei Whitesnake Album: I’m far from home, And tired of this place, I miss your good, good love And your sweet embrace Can’t sleep at night With you on my mind, I just wanna run to you, baby, Leave it all behind ‘Cause it seems so long Since I heard your song,… Leggi »

Testo Till The Day I Die – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Till The Day I Die dei Whitesnake Album: When ice cold winds of winter Chill me to the bone, An’ thoughts of summer breezes Turn my heart to stone. That’s when I need a hand to guide me, When it’s more than I can bear. A shoulder I can cry on, Someone to lead me… Leggi »

Testo Hit An Run – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Hit An Run dei Whitesnake Album: I’ve never had a home sweet home life An’ I don’t want a nine to five, So many women I know Think they can tie me down, But, I will never let them take me alive. I hit an’ run, hit an’ run, hit an’ run, hit an’ run,… Leggi »

Testo Lay Down, Stay Down – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Lay Down, Stay Down dei Whitesnake Album: I don’t care if my lady’s gone as long as you give me just what I want I’ve been losin’ my direction, got to find a new connection You have wasted the love I tasted, now I’m really gettin’ hungry more and more Been a long time, had… Leggi »

Testo Lonely Days Lonely Nights – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Lonely Days Lonely Nights dei Whitesnake Album: Miscellaneous LONELY DAYS, LONELY NIGHTS I’ve been burning my bridges for too many years, drowning the sorrow of too many tears. Women and whiskey are my only friends, one gives me strength, one just pretends. I’ve been waiting my whole life for things to work out right but… Leggi »

Testo Anything You Want – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Anything You Want dei Whitesnake Album: I need your love to get me through All the things I wanna do Babe, if you want me to I’ll get on my knees for you.. But, you gotta give me a little sign, You got the same thing on your mind… Every day an’ every night Give… Leggi »