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Testo Judgement Day – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Judgement Day dei Whitesnake Album: Whitesnake The night is gone, The time has come To find a new day has begun, An’ it promises to stay. To soothe the pain of wasted years An’ kiss away the bitter tears A love to light the way. And from the darkness Comes a smile, That reaches out… Leggi »

Testo Bloody Luxury – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Bloody Luxury dei Whitesnake Album: Now when I first met you I was rolling along, Just a bar room crooner Singing heartbreak songs, An’ I supposed I could never get next to you. But, you seemed quite happy with my company You kept my body heat steady at 103, With your mouth full of gimme… Leggi »

Testo Celebration – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Celebration dei Whitesnake Album: I was running for the folks I know Never had it good But don’t know if they’re feeling fine Who had to leave them soon Recently I seem to have become A new born man I want to share with everyone What happened in my put (?) Open up the door… Leggi »

Testo Love Man – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Love Man dei Whitesnake Album: I’ve spend close on sixteen years Watching your pretty flower grow…. Little girl, little girl, now tell me Everything you know About the oceans and the skies, The mountains and the trees, And then I’m gonna tell you about The birds and the honey bees…. Cos’ I’m a love man,… Leggi »

Testo Behind The Smile – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Behind The Smile dei Whitesnake Album: Behind the smile is great and nice, Beware of what is in his eyes. Looks like fun but he’s after you, It’s not so funny what that smile can do… Behind the smile there lies a face, Filled with cunning but is full of grace. Comes on friendly but… Leggi »

Testo Take Me With You – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Take Me With You dei Whitesnake Album: Miscellaneous Every time I see my baby home, I wanna kiss a little better so I get stoned. Gonna spread her pretty legs so I can see, Sweet lip honey be the death of me And I will discover you’ll be my midnight lover, Oh babe, bring it… Leggi »

Testo Dont Fade Away – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Dont Fade Away dei Whitesnake Album: As I stand at the crossroad, I see the sun sinking low… With my cross of indecision, I can’t tell which way to go… Now I have seen the seven wonders And I have sailed the seven seas, I’ve walked and talked with angels, And danced all night with… Leggi »

Testo Northwinds – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Northwinds dei Whitesnake Album: Taking it easy, taking it slow Riding home to lay my body down Thought about it long enough To let it slip away I feel like a stranger today Lost in who is across the water Took me away from home It seems that you gave enough To get down on… Leggi »

Testo Girl – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Girl dei Whitesnake Album: Miscellaneous GIRL I have never known a woman who loves me like you do. You treat me like a dog an’ make me shake my tail for you. I know the game you’re playing when you’re turning all your tricks. It’s written on your face you just want your business fixed.… Leggi »

Testo Lovehunter – Whitesnake

Testo della canzone Lovehunter dei Whitesnake Album: I need a woman to treat me good And give me everything a good woman should. Everyday and every night She’d be waiting on her brown-eyed boy To come and treat her right. I’m a love hunter baby Sneaking up on you, I’m a love hunter baby Sneaking up on you.… Leggi »