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Testo Endless Dream – Yes

Testo della canzone Endless Dream degli Yes Album: Talk Trevor Rabin/Jon Anderson) Hold your head up high you know you’ve Come a long way, a long way Tainted as a fugitive with nothing left to say Temptation may come hope your vision doesn’t stray In the name of God you may be forced away Moving forward to the… Leggi »

Testo Silent Talking – Yes

Testo della canzone Silent Talking degli Yes Album: Union Does it matter if you broke this spell So unreal is the future life along the way They dare you To turn around, it all comes through this feel. It doesn’t ring true. Silent talking in the system, ringing to this beautiful world. Silent talking, always dreaming, sing me… Leggi »

Testo Seasons Of Man – Yes

Testo della canzone Seasons Of Man degli Yes Album: Close To The Edge Anderson/Howe) The time between the notes relates the color to the scenes. A constant vogue of triumphs dislocate man, it seems. And space between the focus shape ascend knowledge of love. As song and chance develop time, lost social temp’rance rules above. Ah, ah. Then… Leggi »

Testo Into The Lens (a.k.a. I Am A Camera) – Yes

Testo della canzone Into The Lens (a.k.a. I Am A Camera) degli Yes Album: Memories, how they fade so fast Look back, that is no escape Tied down, now you see too late. Lovers, they will never wait. I am a camera Take heart, I could never let you go And you, always let the feeling show Love… Leggi »

Testo Future Times Rejoice – Yes

Testo della canzone Future Times Rejoice degli Yes Album: In the fountains of the universe (set time in accord) Sits the boychild Solomon (Ever turning round and round) In the cities of the Southern Sky (set points universe) Dreams he of glory (pulsating round and round) Future times will stand and clearly see (highest dancing) Of the course… Leggi »

Testo Dangerous – Yes

Testo della canzone Dangerous degli Yes Album: Union Come into the light, passing through wisdom. Hoping for love, all of the moves Don’t come across; you get too much. Everybody needs it; don’t show your body. So dangerous – This fear of love So dangerous – Can you handle it? So dangerous – To love So dangerous –… Leggi »

Testo The More We Live – Let Go – Yes

Testo della canzone The More We Live – Let Go degli Yes Album: Union (Squire) You and I can change the world; The more we live, the more we learn, the more we know. From this moment on we share the world; The more we give, the more we love, the more we grow. The spirit of imagination… Leggi »

Testo Changes – Yes

Testo della canzone Changes degli Yes Album: 90125 I’m moving through some changes I’ll never be the same Something you did touched me There’s no one else to blame The love we had has fallen The love we used to share We’ve given up pretending As if you didn’t care Change changing places Root yourself to the ground… Leggi »

Testo Cans And Brahms – Yes

Testo della canzone Cans And Brahms degli Yes Album: Fragile Brahms/arr. by Rick Wakeman) —Instrumental— ————————————————— Tutte le canzoni degli Yes