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Testo Burger Man – ZZ Top

Testo della canzone Burger Man dei ZZ Top Album: Recycler ———- My charcoal’s getting read hot, put your order in my hand. Won’t you let me show you what I got sizzlin in the pan. Any way you want it baby, I am your burger man. If you need good hot grillin’, try my burger stand. If you… Leggi »

Testo Precious And Grace – ZZ Top

Testo della canzone Precious And Grace dei ZZ Top Album: Tres Hombres Ridin’ top the floodway on a Friday night, the landscape’s a fine and nat’ral sight. Just cruisin’ slow through the dark of night. With Precious and Grace ev’rything’s all right. Good God Almighty, we was goin’ down slow, yeah, if we knew just where we had… Leggi »

Testo Dirty Dog – ZZ Top

Testo della canzone Dirty Dog dei ZZ Top Album: Eliminator Hey baby, watcha gonna do now that I’ve left you and I said we’re through. All along you been runnin’ round but you ain’t the only game in town. I dug your brush and your ass is fine, I dug your jelly and your mighty mind. But you… Leggi »

Testo Mushmouth Shoutin – ZZ Top

Testo della canzone Mushmouth Shoutin dei ZZ Top Album: You know I’m wild about you, baby, been keepin’ me from my sleep at night. You know I’m hung up on you, little doll, you just don’t treat your daddy right. You know you crazy when you get drunks, you be talkin’ all out your head. You’re acting mighty… Leggi »