Testo 45 – Elvis Costello

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Album: Unknown
Testo della canzone 45 di Elvis Costello
Bells are chiming for victory
Theres a page back in history
They came back to the world that they fought for
Didnt turn out just like they thought

Here is a song to sing to do the measuring
What do you lose, what do you gain, what do you win?

Nine years later a child is born
Theres a record, so you put it on
Nine years more, if were lucky now
Nine-year-old puts his money down
Every scratch. every click, every heartbeat
Every breath that I held for you
Theres a stack of shellac and vinyl
Which is yours now and which is mine?

Repeat chorus

Bass and treble heal every hurt
Theres a rebel in a nylon shirt
But the words are a mystery, Ive heard
Til you turn it down to 33 and 13
Cos it helps with the elocution
Corporations turn revolutions

So dont just weep and shed
Just change your name instead
What do you lose when it all goes to your head?

I heard something peculiar said:
Perhaps hes got a shot and now hes dead

Bells are chiming and tears are falling
It creeps up on you without a warning
Every scratch, every click, every heartbeat
Every breath that I bless
Id be lost, I confess
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