Testo A Child This Day Is Born – Christmas Songs

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Testo della canzone A Child This Day Is Born – Christmas Songs
A Child this day is born,
A Child of high renown.
Most worthy of a scepter,
A scepter and a crown.

Novels, Novels, Novels,
Novels sing all we may,
Because the King of all kings
Was born this blessed day.

The which the holy Prophets
Spake of long time before,
That from the fall of Adam
He should us all restore. Refrain

This Child both God and Man
From Heaven down to us came,
He is the King of all Kings,
And Jesus is His Name. Refrain

These tidings Shepherds heard
In field watching their fold,
Was by an Angel unto them
That night reveal’d and told. Refrain

Who standing near by them
To them shined so bright,
That they amazed were
At that most glorious sight. Refrain

To whom the Aangel spoke,
Saying, Be not afraid,
Be glad, poor silly shepherds;
Why are you so dismayed; Refrain

For lo, I bring you tidings
Of gladness and of mirth,
Which cometh to all people by
This holy Infants birth. Refrain

Him hath God lifted up
As light and shepherds horn,
Which in the city of David
This present time was born. Refrain

The only Son of God was he
The Lord and God most Highest;
And he is the true Shepherd,
The young child Jesus Christ. Refrain

Then there was with the Angel
A Host incontinent
Of heavenly bright soldiers,
Which from the Highest was sent. Refrain

Lauding the Lord our God,
And his Celestial King;
All Glory be in Paradise,
This heavenly Host did sing. Refrain

Glory be unto our God,
That sitteth still on high,
With praises and with triumph great,
And joyful melody. Refrain

But when this holy Ar

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