Testo A Christmas Dream – Christmas Songs

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Testo della canzone A Christmas Dream – Christmas Songs
A plate of fish, a cosy lap,
Perhaps a lick of cream,
To sit and purr before the fire,
Well, even cats can dream!
I’ve never had a proper home,
No door has opened wide,
O friendly voice called out to me,
Come on puss, come inside.

But now maybe I’ve found a friend;
Though I’m not really sure,
I dare not eat the food she brings,
Until she’s closed the door.
But there’s a nice big wooden box,
Put just inside the shed,
With cosy blanket tucked well in,
To make a lovely bed.

Tomorrow I shall take a chance,
(She seems so nice and kind)
To get myself inside that door
And leave the dark behind.
That friendly fire I’ll sit beside,
My lonely days all past,
A real belonging cat I’ll be,
And have a home at least.
But there are other lonely one,
Who ask themselves Why me?
If only they would have my luck
Real Christmas it would be.

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