Testo A Poem For My Little Lady – Kenny Rogers

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Testo della canzone A Poem For My Little Lady di Kenny Rogers
She’s young and soft and kind
And she deserves a who-ole lot be-etter
Than a guitar pickin’ drifter
Who never ga-a-ave a damn
And if loving me is all she ever wants
I’m gonna le-et her
And I’ll try to be the ki-ind of ma-a-an
She thinks I-I am

She makes those little kitten sou-ou-ounds
And trembles when I-I lo-ove her
She makes me feel so bi-ig and stro-ong and mea-hean
She whispers how she cannot wai-ai-ait
To be my baby-y’s mo-other
She’s the only glimpse of God I’ve ever seen

Her mama should have war-arned her
Never take up wi-ith a po-oet
For poet’s trave-el rocky roa-oa-oads
In search of tru-uth in life

I’m the only blemish on her virgin soul
But she don’t know-ow it
And I thank the Lord she’s lyin’ gentle
By my si-ide to-night….

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