Testo A Thousand Conversations – Olivia Newton-John

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Testo della canzone A Thousand Conversations di Olivia Newton-John
Album: Dont Stop Believin
A thousand conversations on a never ending theme
Seem to linger in my mind like the fragments of a dream
That was once a part of you and remains a part of me
It’s the unreal world we lived in that was born of fantasy

You whiled away the hours, making promises that might
Have just changed the world we knew, if they’d only turned out right
But now I’m a little wise, I can even raise a laugh
At the funny face you pulled on a faded photograph

New days replace yesterdays in time, it’s well to bear in mind
That new ways erase, nothing stays the same
And now you’ve even changed your name

Forever I’ll remember as I pass by on the train
Streets of Paradise we loved, now so few of them remain

Guess it’s finally goodbye, seems we came so suddenly
To the end of childhood dreams, and the way things used to be

La la la la, la la la la, la la la la, la la (repeats out)


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