Testo A Week Ago – Too Short

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Testo della canzone A Week Ago di Too Short
[Jay Z] Uh huh
[$hort] That’s right
[Jay Z] Uh huh uh it was all good just a week ago
[$hort] Last week I had everything
[Jay Z] Uh uh huh uh had this all good just a week ago
[$hort] I had the money.. had the cars the bitches
[Jay Z] Uh huh yeah it was all good just a week ago
[$hort] and the jewelry..
and then my motherfuckin niggaz started snitchin
[Jay Z] Uh huh uh uh, yo
[$hort] Beyotch!

Verse One: Jay-Z

Growin up in the hood just my dog and me
We used to hustle in the hood for, all to see
Problems, I called on him, he called on me
We wasn’t quite partners, I hit him off my P
Met him unlocked doors, off my keys
Yeah we spoke, much more than cordially
Man he broke bread with me, my business spreads with me
The Feds came to get me, we both fled quickly
Wasn’t quick enough to jump over the hedges with me
Got caught, and that’s when our relationship strayed
Used to call me from the joint til he ran out of change
And when he called collect and I heard his name
I quickly accepted, but when I reached the phone
he’s talkin reckless, I can sense deceit in his tone
I said, Damn dawg, what, nine weeks and you’re home?
He said, Main man, you think shit’s sweet cause you’re home.
I just sat, spat no more speech in the phone
The crackers up there bleachin your dome, you’re reachin
I said, The world don’t stop I’ve got to keep keep on.
From there I sensed the beef was on
I ran to the spot, store to add some more features to my phone
To see if I had bugs and leeches on my phone
Can’t be too safe cause niggaz is two-faced
And they show the other side when they catch a new case
It’s on

Chorus: Too $hort, Jay-Z

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