Testo Alibi Factory – Elvis Costello

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Album: Unknown
Testo della canzone Alibi Factory di Elvis Costello
You did it, ‘cause you want it
Alibi, alibi
And you took it, ‘cause you need it
Alibi, alibi
But if I’ve done something wrong
There’s no ifs and buts
‘Cause I love you just as much
As I hate your guts
Alibi, alibi, alibi

You don’t need anybody
Alibi, alibi
But you are the only one who knows this
Alibi, alibi
You deserve it, ‘cause you’re special
Alibi, alibi
Maybe Jesus wants you for a sunbeam
Alibi, alibi


Sometimes I’m so forgiving ohhhh oh
Everything seems bad to me
But I can’t go on living
With this
Alibi, alibi, alibi, alibi

Insane, but I’m mundane
Alibi, alibi
You wanted to be famous
Alibi alibi
Sorry that your mummy doesn’t love you
Alibi, alibi
Stop me, if you’ve heard this
Alibi, alibi


(at 1999-10-15: Chicago, IL, Arie Crown Theatre only)
And my mouth said something right
There’s no big surprise
There are soldiers to be killed
But refuse to die
Alibi, alibi, alibi, alibi
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