Testo All Heaven Broke Loose – REO Speedwagon

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Testo della canzone All Heaven Broke Loose dei REO Speedwagon
Album: The Earth, A Small Man, His Dog And A Chicken
All heaven broke loose
It hit me like a shot right out of the blue
All heaven broke loose
I was shaken by the power of love
Taken by the power of you

If I don’t get to heaven
For the things that I’ve done
I guess it’s all just history now
Too late to be the innocent one
I know that I’ve been led astray
Love has torn me apart
But each day is a victory now
Since you have given peace to my heart
Oh, I was a little bit crazy then
Wheels kept turnin around
And I kept losin ground
’Till you stopped me from fallin again


The love that you’ve given me
Is a love that is true
And each time I feel like running
I come running home to you

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