Testo All I Need to Say – Michael W. Smith

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Testo della canzone All I Need to Say di Michael W. Smith
Sad goodbye
Never quite got said
Now the time is gone
Were movin on
Even though it hurts so bad
If I could Id turn back the days
And Id love again
To be your friend
In a hundred different ways
But we cant turn back the time
The days
So if I never said
All I needed to say
Ill say it now
You know I loved you once
I love you stronger today
Please love find me a way
Words I still need to say
But I dont know how

Cant stand still
Still I cant move on
Lord I need your strength
Need you in me
cause a part of me is gone
In time I will know
What Ive yet to see
That through all the pain
You hurt the same
And youre standing here with me
And more than anything its you I need


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