Testo Analsye U – Linkin Park

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Testo della canzone Analsye U dei Linkin Park
Album: Unknown
always look behind you–i might thre(thre eco)
standing every second -straing in ur eyes
i run back and forth just becuse i know i can
jump the buildings im on the poles.
sometimes u may see me sometimes u may not
but im there never sommon me away becuse il aways be thre
over ur head like a pariond.u cant take help to rid of me
becuse im guilt im anger im strange so ill be there
ill anlsye u
back forth in your eyes
or just your face
u cant do nothing without me knowing
im like ur puppet but i control u
(u scrached over and over again)

wht ever u r thinking ill know
if ur scared dont ill protect u
from all the bad things
ill be by your side all the time without u knowing(knowing eco)
so ill take u to the back off the room
hang ur coat on the rack
becuse im bak
(in ur head)-whisperd

(repeat chorus) next verse repeat- scracth last words

always look behind u
i might be there
standing every second
just becuse i know i can
wht ever think
ill know
ill take u to the back of the room
hang ur coat on the rack
beuse im bak ( bak eco)

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