Testo Annie Get Your Gun – Squeeze

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Testo della canzone Annie Get Your Gun degli Squeeze
Album: Singles – 45’s And Under
She goes for her medical
She’s passed, it’s a miracle
She’s up over the moon
She whistles nonsense tunes
She wants drinks for everyone
She’s found a chord that she can strum
Emotions leaking out
Her paint’s all over town

What’s that she’s playing?
(Annie, get your gun)
What’s that she’s taking?
(The song has to be sung)
She’s gone electric
(Annie, wipe them out)
That’s unexpected
(Strum that thing and shout)
Don’t pull that trigger
(Annie, get your gun)
Don’t shoot that singer
(You’re shooting number one)

He’s not into miracles
Sees life all too cynical
The cat has got his tongue
Now she bangs on his drum
He says, Pull the other one.
Bells ring, look what you have done
Emotions leaking out
Her paint’s all over town

(Repeat chorus

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