Testo Another Crossroad – Petra

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Testo della canzone Another Crossroad dei Petra
Album: Unknown
Another day of indecision – there’s a battle in my head
It’s not a matter of submission – I’ll go where I’m led
But my mind keeps changing every day
I need your peace to point the way

And now I’m at another crossroad
And I don’t know which way to go
My steps are ordered and I know I’ll find the way
When your Word lights the path and I obey
When your Word lights the path and I obey

Sometimes I feel a hesitation – is it me or is it You
I only need some kind of clue – I just need an indication
It’s not hard to miss a turn along the way
I know I’ve missed some in my day

I don’t want to be wrong
I want to do what’s right
I know that you can lead me through the maze
When I acknowledge you in all my ways

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