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Testo della canzone Another Murder Of A Day di Fish
She prays the lights stay green all night
She prays the traffic doesn’t slow
And the knots that tie her stomach are only butterflies

Only butterflies, fly by every day
While your waiting on a man, waiting on a man to show

There he stands behind the door
She reaches for her coat to go
And she wanders away in a dream
She wanders away to a dream

As she threads her way home through the neon washed alleyways
She flirts with the shadows and skirts round the victims
Of a night that’ll sleep through the day
That casts out its refugees and throws out its debris

She turns the key in a lock to a fairy tale world
That she guards with her ghosts of faithful familiars
Who attend to her shrine in a patchwork cathedral
Observing the ritual with silent compassion and prayers

On the candlelit edges of a tightening circle
She arranges the photographs faded and yellowing
Memories left of her friends and her family
Respectfully turned to the wall

She turns up the sound on a second hand radio
And drowns out the noise of the world that she lives in
Her conscience her witness her life is her courtroom
And the man she left waiting
Is waiting to murder a day

(written by tony banks and fish, from the 1991 album ‘still’ by tony banks, virgin, tcv 2658)

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