Testo Apologize – Luther Vandross

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Testo della canzone Apologize di Luther Vandross
Your love’s never been better
So good it’s a sin
But it’s time for a decision
Is it me or him?
Before you make your mind up, hear me
I just want you to see things clearly
This should be about love, not money
Don’t let him try to take you from me

I don’t wanna have to apologize
I don’t wanna feel I’ve been penalized
Just ‘cause I can drive in a better car
Live in a bigger house just like a superstar
He says that I can only give you
Material things, but that’s not true
You see my heart is rich with love for you
Don’t let him make you doubt my love for you
Yeah, baby
I work hard for my money
No one gave it to me
But some fools think the deeper the pocket
The smaller the heart will be, not true
I’m only tryin’ to share me with you
Look at all the lovin’ we do
Find the meaning in the words I’m sayin’
I’m not just another player playin’

I don’t wanna have to apologize (or give a damn)
And I don’t appreciate being criticized (for who I am)
Just ‘cause I can buy you a lotta things
Or take you anyplace
That’s just what money brings
He wants you to believe that I’m tryin’ to buy your love
‘Cause that’s what he would do
He thinks since he’s a man with nothing
That he’s got better love for you
No way
Tell him now, let him go
Or I can no longer be yours
Tell him how you feel about me
I can’t keep standing on the side
Don’t let him fill your mind with lies about me
Leave him with his fallacies
I don’t care what bull he believes
Tell him that enough is enough
Just don’t return a disbeliever
You’ve always been a willing receiver of my love

I do

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