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Testo della canzone Artificial Man dei kinks
Scene: After his capture, Flash is taken to a secret hideout to have
his brain cleansed, and his mind conditioned.
Flash, Mr. Black and the Mad Scientist sing:

Flash: I can’t believe it’s happening
I just want to stay the way that I am.
I don’t want to live a lie in an artificial world.

Mr Black: Let’s build an antiseptic world,
Full of artificial people.
Cure all diseases, conquer pain
And monitor the human brain,
And see what thoughts you’re thinking.
Observe your feelings,
Secret fears,
Controlling everything you say and do
And we will build a master race
To live within our artificial world.
Tell it to the people all across the land,
We’re going to build an artificial man
With the physique of a Tarzan
And the profile of a Cary Grant,
A superior being
Totally made by hand.
Throw out imperfection,
Mould you section by section,
Gonna make you the ultimate creation.

Flash: I can visualise the day
When the world will be controlled by artificial people,
But I don’t want to live a lie in an artificial world.

Mr Black: Tell the world that we finally did it,
Made a man that’s totally programmed,
Preconditioned thoughts and emotions,

Push-button artificial man.
Did you ever want to live forever?
Well here’s your chance to be a total automaton
‘Cos we’ve improved on God’s creation
An outdated homo sapien.
Make you taller if you want it
Make your hair grow longer if you need it.
If it doesn’t exist then I guess we can breed it.
There’ll be no disagreements,
We’ll dedicate our lives to achievements,
And organise your life and keep it totally planned.


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