Testo Ass On Your Shoulders – BUSTA RHYMES

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Testo della canzone Ass On Your Shoulders di BUSTA RHYMES
[People talking]

[Hook: Kokane]
Likes to go, eventual
Lead you home, come inside
Why you got your ass on your shoulders
Now, tryin’ to spit at a bitch
I lead inside
Why you got your ass on your shoulders

[Busta Rhymes]
Yeah bitch put on an outfit, dazzle ya hair
Come in the club fit to take you home and frazzle the hair
Bitch understand I must have got a handle in here
Why you open up ya ass and let me travel in there
Create a scandal in there
Don’t talk, let me pull it out to add another angle in there
Let me ride the back of yo ass like a camel in there
Pussy hot like she lit a fuckin’ candle in there
Remember I was tryin’ to get my drink in the slot
And you was same girl actin’ all stinkin’ the spot
It was funny how I thought I wasted breath on the broad
A friend couldn’t find her cause shorty left with the God
And then I took her back to the crib, you can figure it out
I’m diggin’ it out with the dick in her mouth
Get cha’ homegirl to come start lickin’ ya out
And swingin’ about until I start kickin’ em’ out
Because ya…

[Hook: Kokane]

[Busta Rhymes]
I’m sayin’ she fuck a nigga like she want the God to lay in a hearse
Makin’ me curse, hope you relate to my verse
And what be makin’ it worse
That they be the same bitches frontin’ like they wasn’t with it at first
Actin’ too good for niggas with your ass on your shoulders
But now you’ll be fuckin’ a nigga till he fall in a coma
I remember how you acted in the front of ya friends
As I remember now you give me head in front of my Benz
So now I’m smackin’ it up, while you backin’ it up
With a car

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