Testo AUTO-TECH – The Renaissance

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Testo della canzone AUTO-TECH dei The Renaissance
Six o’clock in the morning–I’m yawning
Get out of this bed
My heart started racing–now pacing
What was that you said?

Waiting so long for this day
And tomorrow we laugh
Hope the neighbours will open their papers
To my photograph


Of course I love you!
And I’ll be careful, oh so careful
But I must win
There’s no use waiting–watching, waiting
Got to keep my five-star rating, too

Now I run like the devil, draw level
You’re crowding my day
Your concentration gives me stimulation
Get out of my way!
Feel the air rush past my face in first place, without thought to me
Mass attention becomes an extension of winning to me


In control, speed kills, speed thrills
We are the power–come closer
Black and white soon in my time
The winning course–it’s over
The winning course–take over
The winning course–it’s up to me

[Instrumental bridge]


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