Testo AUTOMATIC – Tokio Hotel

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Album: Humanoid (2009)
Testo della canzone AUTOMATIC di Tokio Hotel
So automatical(ly)
You’re like a machine
Your heart doesn’t beat for me any more.
So automatically
Your hands
Touch me
I feel everything, just not you
So automatical
Your voice – electric
Where are you, when it speaks?
So automatically
How you say I’m important to you
Who’s programming you?
When you laugh
You’re not laughing
When you cry
You’re not crying
When you feel
You’re not feeling anything
Because you’re without love
I run through all the streets
And none leads to you
Your shadows follow me
And coldly grasp at me
It’s like you are
static and
so automatic
Your look so empty
I can’t go on
Everything about you
like it’s rehearsed
You stand in front of me
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