Testo B Rabbit Vs Papa Doc – Eminem

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Testo della canzone B Rabbit Vs Papa Doc di Eminem
Now everybody from the 3,1,3
Put ya mothafucking hands up and follow me.
Now Everybody from the 3,1,3
put ya mothafucking hands up.
Look Look.
Now while he stands tough notice this man did not have his hands up.
This free world got you gased up.
Now whos afraid of the big bag wolf.
1 2 3 and to the 4.
1 pac 2 pac 3 pac 4.
4 pac 3 pac 2 pac 1.
Your pac he’s pac no pac None.
This guy aint no mother-fuckin MC,
I know everything he’s got to say against me,
I am white, I am a fuckin bum, I do live in a trailer with my mom,
My boy future is an uncle tom.
I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob
who shoots himself in his leg with his own gun,
I did get jumped by all 6 of you chumps
And Wink did fuck my girl,
I’m still standin here screamin

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