Testo Baby Face Lynott – Thin Lizzy

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Testo della canzone Baby Face Lynott dei Thin Lizzy
Album: Shadows Of A Blue Orphanage

Put up, Baby Face
I love your lipstick, Baby Face,
it makes me all shades of red
Give me wild while you do to me one,
make me hot when I should be sleeping in my bed
I love your big eyes, Baby Face,
they seem to suggest much more than you say
I love the mark in your secret place, oow Baby Face
Love is like a peppermint machine, that’s green, it’s green
I love your hair down, Baby Face,
and I can picture ya as you do, oow, with your fingers running through
I love ya, Baby Face,
the way you bite your lips, ooo…ow!
How ‘bout (the) Baby Face? {repeat 17 times

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