Testo (Background Music-Love Is All That I Need) Wtc-Lit – Martina McBride

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Testo della canzone (Background Music-Love Is All That I Need) Wtc-Lit di Martina McBride
It’s been a year daddy
I really really miss you
mommy says your in safe now
in a beautiful place named heaven
we have your favorite dinner tonight
I ate it all up
even though i don’t like carrots
I learned how to swim this summer
I can even open my eyes when im under water
can’t you see me?

Istarted kindergarden this year
I carry around a picture of us in my blue’s clue’s lunch box
you are the greatest daddy
I can swing on the swing by myself
even though i miss you pushing me
can’t you see me?

I miss how you used to tickle me
tickle my belly
my belly hurts
I try not to cry
mommy says its ok
I know you dont like it when i cry
You never wanted me to be sad
I try daddy but it hurts
Is it true your not coming home?
Maybe some day, i can visit you in heaven, ok?

Its time for me to go to bed now
Isleep with the light on,just in case you come home
and kiss me goodnight
Ilove you so much
Imiss you daddy

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