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Testo della canzone Bad Ways di Too Short
Ha-ha-ha it’s goin down like this ma-fucka!!

Is the shit gone ever change, cause I be caught up in the middle of it,
Click my pistol, and then in his fuckin throat I shoved it
Give me your money, and take that palve’ off nigga,
Fuck Tommy ‘Figga, I’m off that doe and liquor
See I be drillin in the eastside of San Pedro Park,
I smoke a camel, the lupsia done have me sparked
This lil’ broad said I’m livin in my last days,
My mother love me, she say she hate my bad ways
But still she blame it on herself for doin what she done,
It wasn’t fun, she moved us in the ghetto slums
So what you think about myself cause I’m a grown man,
A bad man, survival is whatever you can
You think you know it, flossin but I know you’s a bitch,
Cause I be watchin, tryin to get my rob on this shit,
See niggas underestimate the city that I claim,
Where I am niggas sayin what the fuck is gangbang
Hard livin mothafucka represent your turf, your side of town,
You know thats where the fuck I’m found
Knees dirty, hands dirty, smokin on a tree,
Gamblin my drug money, hell yeah tee-da-lee
Cause I’m the nigga says crime do pay,
My people say they love me, they just say they hate my bad ways

Real bad ass ways (bad ways)
Real bad ass ways (you got bad ways)
Real bad ass ways
Get glock cause it pays

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