Testo Behind These Walls – King Diamond

By | 15 Febbraio 2010

Testo della canzone Behind These Walls di King Diamond
Album: The Eye
Music by: King Diamond

Walking in the garden, picking flowers in the sun
Madeleine is on her own
She can’t see any of the other nuns
Is she blind or is it her mind
What’s going on? What’s going on behind these walls…

All the birds are singing, but Madeleine can’t hear their song
Memories of screams in the night
Moaning coming from below where the prison cells are cold
She does not understand what’s going on
Now the bell is ringing, communion time has come again
Is Father Picard really a friend?
The sour tasting blood of Christ
What’s going on? What’s going on behind these walls….
What’s going on? Behind these walls….

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