Testo Bells Rare Live – Blink-182

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Testo della canzone Bells Rare Live dei Blink-182
Bells are ringing
Children Sreamin’
People dieing everywhere
Bloods ah spurtin’
People are hurtin’
Suffrage in the air

Life really sucks
Two hearted fucks
My Life just sucks

Bells are ringing
That gay guy is singing
I’ll punch him everywhere
Guts are burstin’
Shit is burstin’ too

Life really sucks
Just like two ugly hearted fucks
My life fuckin’ sucks

Oh…. La La Shit!
Bells are ringin’
Children screaming
The gay guy is gone
We lost the battle
But won the war

My Life Really Sucks
My Life Really Suck(x8)

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