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Testo della canzone Best Years Of My Life di LORETTA LYNN
(Ray Griff)
Thank goodness for the curtains that I draped around the windows in my room
They keep the sun from shinin’ through so it won’t find me here in all my gloom
My eyes’re red and swollen from the tears that baby’s leavin’ me as left
I haven’t got the heart to go out to face the world alone just yet
God knows I’m just as empty as the closet where he used to hang his clothes And passin’ by that mirror I see ten years of my life just come and go
The radio is playin’ some old song that baby used to sing to me
And in between my heartbeats Lord I think about the way it used to be
I tied the best years of my life around his love
Passin’ my world to his and gave my heart the cause
I believed him everything is sad I thought that how it was
I tied the best years of my life around his love

I crossed the bridge of mem’ry
Where the grass was green and his sweet dream was mine
But all about is over now he’s broken all those precious ties that bind
I tied the best years of my life…

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