Testo Bitch Betta Have My Money – JA RULE

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Testo della canzone Bitch Betta Have My Money di JA RULE
What up love
You thought I wouldn’t recognize ho like stats
I peep you at the strip joint
You and that little black chick
Acting like you so innocent
When you in the six
Usually that bring the freak right out of a bitch
I knew something was wrong
Lesbian I go on
Ain’t nothing wrong with bump n’ grinding right
I like mines tight
You like yours licked
And we both like bitches to get high high wit
You opted to leave a nigga with no options
You freak hoe dance topless baby
What’s ya sitcho
You ride dildo
Plastic nympho
Only see dick in porno
Hun lidten
I can make your life a world of difference
Throw me in the mix of your sexual experiences
See what happens
In like two weeks
These hoes is freaking
Making about two g’s a piece a weekend
That’s what I’m saying

[Chorus x2:]
It ain’t easy pimped out
Flossing furs
Matching sets his and hers
Keep ya hoes on point
Tell them watch the fuzz
Bitch better have my money

Keep my ones on top
My tens on lock
My hoe in the drop
Got a hot little co-op
Rock a cuban link with Jesus
Lord have mercy
Let me touch this
Tease it
For reasons
I can’t explain to you lord
Cause you know my actions are censored
Don’t diss chips to fuck with no broad
This one can get it
Damn near split it
Yeah picture me paying for some pussy I ain’t even smelled yet
Let alone got wet
But I’m willing to make a bet
That the next time we riding
If she ain’t riding
On the turnpike you you bobbing
While I’m weaving
Getting weede
Believe me
This pimp shit ain’t e

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