Testo Bittersweet (Sullivan, Morrow) 1981 Produced By Ne – New Model Army

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Testo della canzone Bittersweet (Sullivan, Morrow) 1981 Produced By Ne dei New Model Army
Album: Vengeance
– Once upon a time it was easy – Everything kind of fell into place – Now this feeling won’t
leave me – We lost the power and we lost the pace – It’s staring straight between the eyes
– Something isn’t right – The harder we try the more we realise – Something isn’t right

Ch: – So bittersweet, this whole thing – So bitter sweet

– Caught in this struggle for power – Where only blood ever tastes sweet – Everything else is
so sour – The numbing failures and defeats – The loner’s not a western hero – With nerves of
steel and a heart of gold – But here alone in the disco – Icy cold

– But there’s always another morning – We’re never dead till the last breath

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