Testo Blabbermouth – The Roches

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Testo della canzone Blabbermouth di The Roches
Here comes the blabbermouth
everybody hold on to your secrets
You better not let ‘em out or the blabbermouth’s gonna tell.
Here comes the blabbermouth
everybody hold on to your secrets
If you let the blabbermouth see it you know she’s gonna tell.

Don’t be so judgmental
How would you like to be her?
Everybody calling you yentl
Always creating a stir
Actually I’m speaking about myself

I’m the person this song is about
And it’s the loneliest feeling you ever felt
To have to be the blabbermouth

It’s a crummy gig but someone’s gotta do it
A thing goes underground and it festers like a sore
Years go by and no one refers to it
But everyone involved is rotting at the core
From thinking and trying to escape it
And figuring out some way to feel okay
You write a song that just doesn’t say and tape it
dreaming it will be over with someday

But here comes the blabbermouth to send that thing around
the grapevine
Last I heard it was heading south with a whole new spin and
a different dateline.

I’m glad I wasn’t home to take my angry licks
When you called me on the phone regarding my latest antics
But aren’t you a little happy in the back of your mind
that you don’t have to worry about a slip
when you’re sitting with a friend drinkin’ some wine?
Don’t you see I did you a favor Button Lip?

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