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Testo della canzone BLACK JESUZ di 2pac
Searching for Black Jesus
Oh yeah, sportin jewels and shit, yaknahmean?
(Black Jesus; you can be Christian
Baptist, Jehovah Witness)
Straight tatted up, no doubt, no doubt
(Islamic, won`t matter to me
I`m a thug; thugs, we praise Black Jesus, all day)
Young Kadafi in this bitch, set it off nigga..

I do my shootin`s on a knob, prayin to God for my squad
Stuck in a nightmare, hopin he might care
Though times is hard, up against all odds, I play my cards
like I`m jailin, shots hittin up my spot like midnight rains hailin
Got me bailin to stacks more green; Gods ain`t tryin to be trapped
on no block slangin no rocks like bean pies
Brainstorm on the beginnin
Wonder how shit like the Qu`ran and the Bible was written
What is religion?
Gods words all cursed like crack
Shai-tan`s way of gettin us back
Or just another one of my Black JesuS traps

Who`s got the heart to stand beside me?
I feel my enemies creepin up in silence
Dark prayer, scream violence – demons all around me
Can`t even bend my knees just a lost cloud; Black Jesus
give me a reason to survive, in this earthly hell
Cause I swear, they tryin to break my well
I`m on the edge lookin down at this volatile pit
Will it matter if I cease to exist? Black Jesus

All hail, the pressure no endeavor can fail
Some missin souls turn to hoes when exposed to jail
In times of war we need somebody raw, rally the troops
like a Saint that we can trust to help to carry us through
Black Jesus, hahahahaha
He`s like a Saint that we can trust to help to carry us through
Black Jesus

[Young Noble]
Outlawz we got our own race, culture, religion
Rebellin against the system, commence

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