Testo Bong Tokin Alcoholics – Kottonmouth Kings

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Testo della canzone Bong Tokin Alcoholics di Kottonmouth Kings
My mission the commission of the dishin’ out for facts
Cuz when I’m dimin’ my rhymin’ never slacks, never lacks
So get back to the basics and face it
The American dream ain’t what it seems
With lies they’ve laced it
Can’t you taste it?
See they baste it in an imitation butter
We’ve ate it and realized it’s not nature to mother
Generic like no other
Man fuck big brother

The Kottonmouth King Klick
Are you blind or somethin’?
Are you blind to the fact
You think that this system
That this society sees any other color other than green?
Well it’s all slave driven’
The illusion of ownership in America
Properting is theft
How we livin’ ?

The bong tokin’ alcoholics
The bong tokin’ alcoholics
The bong tokin’ alcoholics
The bong tokin’ alcoholics

Gettin’ bent every night is the thing we do
I get up every day in the afternoon
I crawl out the bed on the way to the shower
I gotta hurry up I got a date in a hour
Well I call my boy X on the shower phone
What’s up, Saint? Man, I’m stoned alone
By the way I got the freaks on wait
Call up the krew, hook it up. Late.
I hung up with X and gave my boys a holla
D-loc picked up said, What’s up balla?
Just drop in a dime and tell him about this party
There’ll be a lotta beer and some naughty hotties
I’ll call Bobby let him know the plan
And we’ll bounce through in the nitrate van
We’ll take a road trip, 40 sip on the way
Oh yeah X comin’ through with some freaks from the Bay

Bong tokin’ alcoholics
The Kottonmouth tilt is what we call it
The bong tokin’ alcoholics
Step ba

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