Testo Brads Freestyle – Eminem

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Testo della canzone Brads Freestyle di Eminem
aight i’ma spit dis shit
ya pussy ass bitch
ur a broke ass gunna who lives in a ditch
ur like microsoft always wit da glitch
son of a bitch wish i could be that rich
sounds easy doesn’t it
i could make it if i don’t quit
neva give up on ma dreams
i ain’t as lazy as christopher reeves
my fuckin ass G
you muthafuckas ain’t got shit on me
i’d be puffin chillin with ma homies
fo real dawg why don’t you have a seat
cuz ur raps are shit and i be packin heat
so ya wanna battle
well i think you should trade your mic fo a saddle
and start to ride horses and be bringin in the caddle
cuz ya ain’t good at rappin
and shit might start to happin
like i’ll be snappin
ur neck while ur a sleep
i luv ta creep
i can conquor any mountain
no matter how steep
cuz i luv to freestyle to any beat
i’ma dope Mc with a kick
and i work real well spinnin da shit

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