Testo Break Yo Neck – Busta Rhymes

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Testo della canzone Break Yo Neck di Busta Rhymes
Uh ah ah OH, ah ah ah
Check it out
Flipmode Squad, ’98
Raw deluxe, check it out y’all

I be the street kid, the brother your momma freak wit
Put your people on if y’all know how to keep a secret
When I get money you know I like to keep it
How I get money others are tryin to peep it

Flipmode, will be winners you wanna form a team wit
The big money figures, the ones to plot the scheme wit
The brothers who be used to gettin money frequent
The ones I would always measure up my triple beams wit

Until they start takin my people to the precint
That’s all back in the day yo, that ain’t nuttin recent
Cuz nowadays we see women we like to speak wit
Eat wit, lay ‘em down and sleep wit

Type of women make a brother wanna keep it
Shorty be so exotic she lookin decent
Lotta corny niggaz be offerin whack free shit
I can’t hold the heat no more yo, I gotta release it

What y’all gonna do? Don’t you know we always comin through, me and my crew,
Lemme here you say

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