Testo Breath After Breath (includes Translations) – Duran Duran

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Testo della canzone Breath After Breath (includes Translations) dei Duran Duran
Album: Miscellaneous
(written by duran duran an milton nascimento)

Breath after breath
Ama! (love!)
Breath after breath
Danca! (dance!)

Every day i wake up in this room,
And i don’t know know,
Where i’ve come from, where i’m going to
Then i here the voice..

Senhora musa da paz (lady muse of peace)

Me abraca, me carrega no teu andor
(hold me, caress me in your pedestal
Ie. from your pedestal come down and
Hold me, caress me)

Dormir no colo dar dor (sleep in the arms of pain)

Amiga, arrasa! (friend, devistate! ie. friend, you
Devistate me you bewilder me)

A tua mao desenhov o sonho na acela
(your hand drew the dream in the sand)
Agora, entrega de vez meu rumo, e vida
(now give me my destiny once and for
All, and life)

From where i stand, the truth isn’t black and white,
Alone we live and die, we love and fight,
Breath after breath, we carry this mortal coil,
Safe for tomorrow.

Do i dare, o do i dare,
Follow through the footsteps my whole body hears?,
Beating on my heart like a feather
Beating of a moment til i disappear.

Diga uma palaura alegre (say a happy word, something happy)

Manda um recado que seja agora (send a message that is new)

Faz o mundo ficar novo
E dancar no colodo tal de amor (make a new world and dance in the arms
Of love)


Circles of sand are washed out into the sea,
Just as we slip on through to eternity
Breath after breath we carry this mortal coil,
Safe for tomorrow

Diga uma palaura, cara (say a word (something), dear)

Bem alegre (very happy)

Corre, manda logo um recado (run, send me a message)

Me abraca, faz um clima doce (embrace me, make the weather pleasant)

Me arrepia! chega de sufocol! (you give me goose bumps, no more

Me poe lovro! me faz diamente
Teu amante (you drive me crazy! make me diamonds
Of your love)

Danca do somo do rento,
Me ensina (dance to the sound of the wind,
Teach me)

Basta de sufoco, nao faz jogo (stop the struggle, don’t play games
With me)

A flame of love is burning
The song is of the planets
Oh whoooooooo

The dance is to the rhythm, of the rain
Where everyone is coming from, is coming to
And birth is just a breath after breath.

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