Testo Bringer Of Torture – Kreator

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Testo della canzone Bringer Of Torture dei Kreator
Album: Extreme Aggression
Young girl so sweet and once so innocent
Your life so brutal, true emotions
You scream but he won’t hear a word till
he’s had his way
Victim of the cruelest kind of love

Against his urges there is no defence
The one who gave you life stole your
You want to be at any cost
But you’ve chained seems to be lost

Bringer of torture

You’re not afraid of dying
Nothing could be worse than this life
You’re terrifies of the pain
The pain that returns with the night

Bringer of torture

Insanity and terror, hand and hand
Till Childhood dreams come to an end
This situation, so vile and insane,
Will never be over
He’s coming back again, again and again

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