Testo Buying Her Roses – Reba McEntire

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Testo della canzone Buying Her Roses di Reba McEntire
Album: For My Broken Heart
I took him fro granted
Now looking back at it
He’s not the only one to blame
Between the jobs and the kids
Wasn’t much time for him
We let the fire slip away from the flame

Guess I shouldn’t be surprised
But as hard as I try
I can’t believe it’s happened to me
But I know where he’s at
And I know it’s a fact
I’d have to be blind not to see

He’s out buying her roses
And where that leaves me god only knows
I know I should tell him to leave me forever
But what’ll I do if he goes

Should I put up a fight
Does it matter who’s right
Should I ruin my life or my pride
Can we save what we had
And if he comes back
Will I ever get it out of my mind

Repeat chorus twice

What’ll I do if he goes
What’ll I do if he goes

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