Testo Cant Fuck Wit – Mobb Deep

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Testo della canzone Cant Fuck Wit di Mobb Deep
[Intro: Havoc (Prodigy)]
Yeah… yeah… yeah (Let it go… let it go)
Yo that’s right (uh huh uh huh uh huh)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (That’s right)
Oh yeah (Check it out tell ‘em dunn)

[Chorus x2: Havoc]
Y’all niggaz can’t fuck wit the niggaz I fuck wit (uh uh)
Really don’t wanna fuck wit niggaz I fuck wit (uh uh)
Y’all niggaz minor league in my eyes for real
Y’all niggaz wanna pop shit? See me when ya get a record deal

Yo, if I sat at wrote a verse for all the niggaz I hated
Most definately, if not you, kill somebody belated
Sound foul with a subject, dunn, no women or kids
Dump you up under a bridge in a cardboard box
I’m like nothin to do wit it, believe it or not
I’m washin my hands to get bent with Henney or rock
Up in the rep bangin my chest off, pealin my socks
Niggaz do it to death, I sleep with my 6 cocked
Like Henney rock, one sip, ya love it a lot
While you sleepin, I’m creapin wit the intricate plot
Cuz picture me up in the morgue, way before my time
Picture you tryin to get my while I’m still tryin to get mines
Asshole, have ya brain lookin like Castro
Dunn, I heard you wanted me (be careful what you ask for)
Bitch, if I buck you, damn Short snitched
The nigga just mad cuz he can’t cop crisp

[Chorus x2]

I observe the dread, winter time, big shot in my leg
Blood barrels, a big thick Benneton keg
Razor glass full, salute all teflon, shoot wit the left arm
We sleepin wit nukes, the blood is shed warm
High-voltage guns, nuns wit jums in the gums
Razors, lazers, bulletproof blazers
Yo, remind what the team chanted
They bought the

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