Testo Cant Get Enough Of It – Mobb Deep

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Testo della canzone Cant Get Enough Of It di Mobb Deep
About to take over your area!

Left to right protect the life guard my castle
When goin at you take it to the gats if I have to
It’s the hassle jealous thugs I suppose squeeze
turn that ass to Swiss cheese leave permanent holes
And to them hoes you know how it go no dough
Cause they subject to wakin with cash and go crazy
Yeah they bangin baby Havoc representin for them niggaz
that don’t trick, ladyless, just associates
Appropriate, no doubt, but bust it
I love this rap shit got me fillin mad clips perhaps it’s
them fake rappers, but they damn good actors
From population, through the math I subtract them
You hear no laughter, QBC the thug factor
You niggaz ain’t worth the punch, back snatch ya
Pitbull attack ya, and half snap ya
Kodak moments I capture, like an escaped
convict, Pearl Harbor, bomb shit
Handle B-I, on some calm shit

[General G]
I can’t get enough of it, the rough shit, grenade lyrics
My appearance is thug, rap slug ritual
For every dollar gotta nigga’s blood chiseled, the slug sizzle
Pistol-whip tight, night monopoly
Four 380’s in the prophecy, the bigger I got
Handle B-I, smoke a C-I, snuff a C-O
Can’t You See, I’m the Total, vocals is low blow
Barely soldierable reinformed the man from Nahwan (Nahwan!)
Toe to toe complex the next expert, who’s in control?
Episode, ya can’t control your fascination
Hell is the name, two guns that look the same
Frame of thought change, first we live then we abort
Cloth Polo Sport, catch a nigga on his sports
Talk back I’ll leave ya jacked, rap format, I’m hostile
Wild out for snakeness equals foul
General G, blowin Dutches in the t

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