Testo Carnival Of Life – Marc Almond

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Testo della canzone Carnival Of Life di Marc Almond
Album: Miscellaneous
Marc Almond – Carnival of Life



Just close your eyes
Imagine you’re in a place
Where you can taste all you crave
In life’s masquerade

Come hold my hand
And all your wishes come true
Burlesque and blue
The carnival’s calling to you

Your peace of mind
Will come in time
You’ll understand all you’ll see
Though it all seems
Like one of your dreams
It’s a reality


We’re drunk on life
We’re drunk on life
Desire, love, mystery and magic


Just close youe eyes
You’ll find yourself in a place
Your heart will race
No time for sorrow or tears

Riding a horse
On a merry-go-round
Colour and sound
Sorround you to brighten the years

Janvier, fevrier, mars avril, mai
Make way for June and July
August, September, October to wave
Novembre, decembre goodbye

Repeat chorus twice


Eros awake
Our hearts to take
Ready to break every law
I find I’m no longer
Chasing my youth
The truth is that I’m chasing yours

Repeat chorus twice

And magic…

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