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Testo della canzone Carry On di Ray Boltz
Carry On

Words and music by Lawrence Chewning

Carry on, carry on, carry on
To the students on the campus
Who are speaking out for Jesus
As the winds of opposition
Swirl around you day by day…
Even if you’re mocked and hated
Don’t you be intimidated
There’s a great reward that’s waiting
If you only carry on

Carry on, carry on
It won’t be long before
We’re gathered ‘round God’s throne
Carry on, carry on

To the lonely missionary
To the pastor growing weary
To the parents of the wayward child
For whom you’ve prayed so long…
This is not the time to let up
It’s the time to lift your head up
When you sow in tears
You’ll reap in joy
Don’t stop, carry on


And if you’re facing great temptation
And you need some consolation
‘Cause the devil’s doing all he can
Just to make you trip and fall…
Well, the devil will accuse you
He’ll even try to bruise you
But resist him, and he’ll flee from you
Get up, and carry on

CHORUS (repeat)

Carry on

2002 Shepherd Boy MusicASCAP.

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