Testo Cemetary Gates – Pantera

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Testo della canzone Cemetary Gates dei Pantera
Album: Cowboys From Hell
The reverend he turned to me
Without a tear in his eyes
It’s nothing new for him to see
I didn’t ask him why
I will remember
The love our souls had
Sworn to make
Now I watch the falling rain
All my mind can see
Now is your face

Well I guess
You took my youth
I gave it all away
Like the birth of a
New found joy
This love would end in rage
And when she died
I couldn’t cry
The pride within my soul
You left me incomplete
All alone as the
Memories now unfold

Believe the word
I will unlock my door
And pass the
Cemetary gates

Sometimes when I’m alone
I wonder aloud
If you’re watching over me
Some place far aboud
I must reverse my life
I can’t live in the past
Then set my soul free
Belong to me at last
Through all those
Complex years
I thought I was alone
I didn’t care to look around
And make this world my own
And when she died
I should’ve cried and spared myself some pain…
Left me incomplete
All alone as the memories still remain


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