Testo Chances Are – Bob Seger

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Testo della canzone Chances Are di Bob Seger
Album: Miscellaneous
(with Martina McBride)
From Hope Floats Motion Picture Soundtrack.

(Bob) Chances are you’ll find me somewhere on the road tonight, seems I always end up driving by.
Ever since I’ve known you, it just seems you’re on my way, all the rules of logic don’t apply.
I long to see you in the night.
Be with you till morning light.

(Martina) I remember clearly how you looked the night we met.
I recall your laughter and your smile.
I remember how you made me feel, so at ease.
I remember all your grace, your style.
And now you’re all I long to see.
You’ve come to mean so much to me.

(Both) Chances are I’ll see you somewhere in my dreams tonight.
You’ll be smiling like the night we met.
Chances are I’ll hold you and I’ll offer all I have.
You’re the only one I can’t forget.
Baby, you’re the best I’ve ever met.

(Both) and I’ll be dreaming of the future.
and hoping you’ll be by my side.
and in the morning I’ll be longing for the night,
for the night.


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