Testo Chasing Shadows (Lord, Paice) – Deep Purple

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Testo della canzone Chasing Shadows (Lord, Paice) dei Deep Purple
Album: Deep Purple
An original idea of Ian’s, who is heard playing drums, timbales,
maracas and cowbell. Jon is playing claves. The percussion
instruments were tracked on afterwards of course. The song is
about one of Jon’s nightmares. Nicky’s bass line is a gas.

Chasing shadows
Over a horde with a sound of revealing
Dwarves and giants
Twenty feet tall
Fill the room with their clearing
Sounds of breathing
Sharpen my ears when they fade into nothing
Someone’s laughter
Out in the street fills the night with their loving

I feel the ice in my head
Running his hands through my bed
Not even dreaming I seem to be dead
Colours of yellow and colours of red

All I’m asking
Some secret voice is to lead me to darkness
I’m so tired
Dawn never comes
I just lie in the shadows

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